The Low Platelet Diet

The Low Platelet Diet


The Integrative Wellness Center receives a lot of questions regarding how to build blood platelet levels. This post will help educate you on how to improve this health condition.

The supplements we recommend to increase platelets are:

• Chlorocaps
• Moringa
• Recancostat 400
• Ultra Potent C Powder
• Mixed EFAs
• Bio-Immunozyme Forte
• Li-Zyme Forte
• Bone Strength OP

Low Platelet Diet
Low Platelet Diet

Platelets are very sensitive and can react to many substances, interfering with their ability to clot or triggering their removal from circulation.

Several hundred drugs, toxins and herbs have been reported to cause blood abnormalities, and drugs account for 20 – 40% of all instances of cytopenias (reduced blood cell count).

This article contains some of the most well-known causes of substance-induced thrombocytopenia and associated bleeding. It is possible that removing or discontinuing the offending substance can have a positive effect on your platelet count. It is important to communicate with your doctor/healthcare provider as you consider or make changes.

Low Platelet Diet (PDF)

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