RGCC Cancer

Integrative Wellness & Research Center, Inc and Dr. John has received practitioner accreditation through the RGCC College.

Achieved accreditation for RGCC Tests and Therapies.  We are very excited about using these additional tools to improve outcome of cancer patients.  Call us at (901) 763-7006 to schedule your consultation today! 

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Cancer Testing

RGCC Lab Testing

Detects the presences and number of CTCs in the blood (circulating tumor cells). May also be used for long-term monitoring following successful treatment for early detection of recurrence.

Detects Stemness Markers to monitor activity level of the CTCs to determine prognosis (potential for the cancer to proliferate (be aggressive), metastasize, resist treatment, or recur) and to determine when care is done.

Includes Chemosensitivity (Pharmacodynamic) testing to determine the effectiveness of 53 Chemotherapeutic agents + 60 targeted drugs + 53 natural substances + 5 additional substances upon request at no additional cost.

SOT Therapy

Works by shutting down the gene replication sequence of the target (cancer cell, virus, Lyme, etc.) eliminating the next life cycle for that cell or organism (it cannot reproduce).

Goal: Eliminate existing cancer cells or micro-organisms.