Each person heals at a different rate. Depending upon their constitution, body imbalances, present and past stress, genetic predispositions, dietary habits and neurological health. Dosages, treatment and lab testing should be monitored by a practitioner. The remedies used are of the highest quality available. Select wildcrafted herbs and special manufacturing methods are used in the remedies to extract the vital healing and energetic characteristics of each herb. The Integrative Wellness & Research Center only treats from a drugless view due to the destructive aspects of synthetic drugs.

How We Can Help

The products listed below are a sampling of the ones used at the Wellness Center.

  • Dr John’s Best Shot: Anti-lyme, anti-parasitic, antimicrobial formula to give your body the best shot in overcoming this terrible complex disease.


  • Dr. John’s Master: Herbal properties are antimutagenic, immunomodulator, antiinflammatory, anti-viral, antitumorus, cytostatic, anti-fungal, antimicrobial and vermifuge. This product is a must for overcoming lyme due to its pleomorphic nature.


  • Dr. John’s Lymph: Anti-viral in nature, breaks up congestive lymphs nodes, supports in fighting infections in the lymph glands and ads in detoxification.


  • SyInfect/Syntrion: Modulates immunity and supports your bodies ability to fight infections.


  • SyCircue/Syntrion: Helps to breaks up fibrinogen and congestive tissue. Downregulates the hyper immune response from infectious disease.


  • Boluoke: Anti-Inflammatory and Antiplatelet effects.


  • Biozyme: Pancreatic enzymes full strength, undiluted 10x to help break down fats, carbohydrates and proteins


  • Transfer Factor LymPlus: Immune function targeted support for Borrelia burgdorferi, Babesia, Erlichia and others.


  • Transfer Factor Multi-Immune: Clinicals demostrated a 235% increase in NK cell function of immune compromised patients: doubling the dose to 2 caps bid increased NK cell function by over 600%. Some healthcare professionals increase to 3 caps TID during acute periods.


  • NT Factor Energy: Clinicals showing 40% reduction in fatigue in eight weeks. For several fatigue, increase to nine tablets per day during the first two months.