Integrative Wellness & Research Center Cancer Recovery Program

IWRC believes in these pillars of health to promote radical remissions:

Cancer Recovery
  • Balance the microbiome
  • Support nutritional deficiencies through clinic testing
  • Support Detoxification by opening up all pathways of elimination
  • Support weakened organ and glandular systems
  • Customized therapeutic diet based on disease or status of health
  • Healing therapies to support immunity, increase healing response and decrease inflammation

Wellness Nutrition Evaluation:

These lab tests provide facts on your case:

  • Micro Nutrient Blood Test/Spectrocell Labs
  • Neurotransmitter and Comprehensive Adrenal Test/NeuroScience
  • GI Effects Profile/Genova to evaluate the health of the Microbiome, detecting overgrowth of bacteria, potential pathogens, candida/Yeast, parasites and digestive markers
  • Blood Test: CBC 24 with added Vitamin D3
  • Anti-Viral Lab Testing
  • Immune Study
  • RGCG Lab test to evaluate Circulating Tumor Cells, Stem Cell Growth Risk and Sensitivity to Biotanicals to have cytotoxic potential.
  • Blood Test:  CBC 24/CMP with added Vitamin D3
  • Micro Nutrient Blood Tests/Vibrant Labs

IWRC healing modalities:

  • Dampen cancer stem cells

  • Reduce circulating tumor cells

  • Introduce cytotoxic protocols

  • Eradication of overgrowth of bacteria in the GI and improving digestion and Microbiome

  • Supporting weakened organs, glands and tissues
  • Balancing the neurotransmitters and adaptive systems
  • Supporting nutritional deficiencies to optimize healing responses
  • Modulating the stress responses
  • Increasing immunity and natural killer cell activity by 400 percent
  • Custom anti-cancer nutritional support
  • Decrease risk factors by changing the negative catabolic environment to an anabolic environment, promoting positive gene expressions
  • Anti Cancer Diet and superfoods to maximize nutrition
  • Vegetable Juicing
  • Green Medical Food Detox Protein Shakes
  • Proteolytic Enzyme Therapy: Enzymes deliver nutrients, break down and carry away toxic waste, digest food, purify the blood, deliver hormones, balance cholesterol and triglyceride levels, feed the brain, build protein into muscle, and feed and fortify the endocrine system. Enzymes are the taxicabs. They help take nutrition into the cells and breakdown inflammation.
  • (Theotherapy) Release destructive emotional patterns that cause weakness in the body through prayer and grief processing. The body is a slave to the soul. What is in the soul will manifest itself into the physical body. Patterns of unforgiveness will lead to breakdown. Forgiveness must come from the heart. Most of the time this is in many layers.
  • Holistic Skin Care and Shampoos to help boost your self esteem which results in activating your immune system.

Therapies to enhance immunity:

    • Ozone Drinking water
    • Ozone Sauna
    • Enemas to accelerate detoxification and move bile out of the liver
    • Far Infrared Sauna/Mat to promote Hyperthermia and to activate toxin release
    • Rebounding/Exercise
    • Daily meditation and journaling
    • Practice gratitude and forgiveness
    • Processing emotions and internal conflicts in the soul
    • Forgiveness of painful and hurtful past events
    • Vitamin C IV
    • Ozone IV
    Green Detox Shake
    Anti Cancer Diet

    Cancer Recovery Diet (PDF)

    Anti Cancer Juice Recipe (PDF)

    Matcha Latte Recipe (PDF)


    We give hope:

    • Hear Me
    • Observe Me
    • Prepare Me
    • Equip Me With Knowledge

    “Soften my heart and enable me to hear from you, oh GOD, I want to make righteous choices in your will. Please forgive me of all my sins and have mercy on me and heal my mind, soul and body. I am walking in faith and trusting you, LORD, with all my heart. I am believing in a radical remission.”