Systemic Resonance Therapy

The Essence of Light
Introduction to alternative energy enhancement devices.)

By D.A. Versendaal, DC, CRA
Edited by Corey Cameron-Cooper, DC, CRA

“More light…More light” were dying words of Goethe. All matter is frozen light said the physicist, David Bohm. Albert Syent-Gyorgyi, Nobel Prize winner, concluded form his work in bioelectronics that all energy, which we take into our bodies, is ultimately derived from the sun. The New Testament physician Luke writes in Luke 11:34-36, “Your eye is the lamp of your body. When your eyes are good, your whole body is also full of light. But when they are bad, your body also is full of darkness. See to it, then, that the light within you is not darkness. Therefore, if your whole body is full of light, and no part dark, it will be completely lighted, as when the light of a lamp shines on you” (New International Version of the Holy Bible).

Light is an airy state intimately linked to our atmosphere. The state of light surrounds us from the sun by day and the stars and moon by night. It circles our globe almost completely free of laws of gravity. The fragile state of light is reflected in the energies of man, plants, and animals. The forces of light over matter favor the appearance of finesse, sensitivity, and fragility of all life.

No one can travel to the Nordic countries and not be aware of the special qualities of light there. The light which develops matter there is so powerful that the flowers have no need to rise toward it and the force of the Earth is so diminished that plants and leaves remain refined and tiny. By contrast, at the Equator, a totally different growth pattern exists in which everything grows to excess, with lack of refinement and restraint.

Light energy is nutrient, and without this nourishment we become unbalanced, depressed, and our immune system declines. Just as health practioners speak of a minimum daily requirement of whole food, vitamins, and minerals, we have a minimum requirement for light energy. Scientist have studied the effects of insufficient light on individuals in stated and countries during the months of winter darkness and smog and have found a direct correlation to stress, fatigue, sluggishness, illness, insomnia, alcoholism, obesity, suicide, etc.

Light researchers and CRA practioners have proven that exposure to natural sources of sunlight produces decreases in stress and increase in strength, energy, endurance, and tolerance to the stresses of life.

Energy is the ultimate organizing force of self. It is reflected in the mental, emotional, and expressive totality of the intangible and tangible realms of physical and material substance and structure that can be tamed, contained, controlled, measured, quantified, and validated by the specialized knowledge and skills of a CRA alternative health practioner.

Survival of the fittest is based on the body’s capacity to sustain an adaptability of equilibrium. Nature grants the power to beget and grow, to flourish and begin anew. Sickness and ill-health, and bodies that are too small or too large are most often due to a deficiency or excess (D.D. Palmer, DC) of energy. Energy is the tangible light structure of matter that can be analyzed by set parameters of unchanging laws and can, with CRA energy technology, be assessed and balanced in quantity and quality with the 10 pulse being the existential power to be. Energy, whatever its source, must be obtained in minimum daily requirements to illuminate the biological system to ideal levels of endurance. To the body, energy is its eternal delight

The human body both embodies and interacts with cycles of energy at different levels, which governs the shape, size, and activity in the process of organizing itself. The body has veins of energy mobilized and integrated by grids, batteries, generators, and energy gateways that constantly provide a balance of polar force of light. Without this intricate balance of light energy, our delicate balance of color and finesse becomes disastrously upset. Like plants, also we as humans rise with stature toward the luminous sky. Without its light we plunge to the earth.

As alternative health professionals, we should dream of advanced skills of client management. Poor preparation guarantees failure. We do not have to be chained to the same instincts that bind other professionals in habiting the planet. CRA systems of energy management allow with compelling results for chronic suffers who want quality care as timely as tomorrow’s headlines.

The 21st Century New CRA Technologies, QLink Clarus Ally and Clarus Cook light energy devices, Foot Leveler PowerPulse and Magnathotic Orthotics, and Standard Process Whole Food micro nutritional give us the potential to set our clients and ourselves free. Without these new technologies, our future can be uncertain. With them, the possibilities are unlimited.

These energy devices, orthotics, and designed nutritional help us deliver and measure up when the body’s global economy depends on energy.

“In a divergence of health care – include all possibilities – and leave none behind”

The Rev. Jesse Jackson

The October 22, 1999 Wall Street Journal on “Hits and Misses” said Braves catcher, Eddie Perez, joins the long list of little guys to star. He spent a decade bouncing around the minor leagues but burst into stardom leading the Atlanta Braves to victory in the National League Championship Series. He was the unanimous choice as the Series’ most valuable player. Then look at the Yankees. Every one of those players stepped up out of the box to help them win the Series. In CRA, we train those who wish to challenge the system with innovative ideas, who value their clients, and show initiative. We make it easier to hit a home run in a split second and make it happen more often.

While writing this paper, on Sunday, October 31, 1999, the channel 12, movie of the night, “Touched by an Angel” started out with its caption “Angels Do Exist.” A leading cast member is shown talking to children at a Halloween party and gives each child a mustard seed. She says, “light” reaching towards the sky.” May each one of us be life-touchers, giving “light” to dim and tired souls waiting for an angel to transform their lives.

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Systemic Resonance Therapy