1. Reduce risk factors (i.e. stop smoking)

2. Exercise– infrared therapy is effective in addition to regular exercise.

3. Supplements: L-carnitine 500 mg; folic acid 1 mg; magnesium glycinate 2 gm, coenzyme Q10 400 mg/(Dr. John’s); essential fatty acids (Super EFA/ARG); and 2 gm Ultra Absorbic-C/(Bioimmune), taken orally.

Patients with elevated cholesterol levels may benefit from a complete cardiovascular formula: HARTMED–Extra Strength/AuMed, Lypo TPP, vitamin E (1000 I.U. of “mixed tocopherols”). Patients with hypertension and high blood pressure may benefit from extra taurine and capsicum. Oorganic-15/Biotics is suggested for elevated homocystiene. UltraNutrient(advanced antioxidants & phytonutrients)/Pure Encapsulations, as a comprehensive multi-vitamin for heart care.

4. Chelation Therapy: Detox Max Plus/Bioimmune Take 1 ounce orally mixed with cranberry juice, twice per week at bedtime

Non-Traditional Approaches Towards Treatment


Chelation Therapy

EDTA (ethylenediamine tetracetic acid: sodium salt)

  • Intravenous
  • Oral-Detox Max Plus


Fibrinogen, platelet aggregation and rouleaux


  • Ultra Absorbic-C (Oral)
  • Oral supplementation with Ultra Vitamin C/Metagenics or Vitamin C. Complex/Transformations
  • Oral supplementation with Super EFA: 2 caps 2 to 3-times daily with meal
  • Oral supplementation with 1000 I.U vitamin-E (D,L isomer)
  • Protease TPP: 2 capsules, morning and bedtime on an empty stomach




  • Improves congestive heart failure
  • Decreases left ventricular dilatation after acute myocardial infarction
  • Antiarrythmic
  • Improves myocardial function
  • Improves immune function


Magnesium Glycinate


  • Two grams per day plus, effective for arrythmias and hypertension
  • Intravenous or injection route can achieve immediate therapeutic levels
  • Bi-weekly injection of 1 to 2 gm magnesium (2 to 4 cc 50% magnesium sulfate +1cc lidocaine or procaine to reduce discomfort of IM shot or utilize I.V.
  • Oral administration: 100 mg magnesium glycinate, 1-2 capsules, 4-times daily (slow gradual results)
  • Improves congestive heart failure


HeartOption cardiovascular powder(60+ nutrient ingredients):1 to 2 scoops 3-times daily with meals


  • Enhances oxygen transfer to the heart muscle and brain
  • Help prevents red blood cell “stickiness” and unwanted clotting
  • Enhances rebuilding of damaged heart muscle tissue
  • Supplies necessary macro and micro minerals for optimum cardiovascular function
  • Multifunction antioxidant
  • Enhances integrity of vascular and cardiovascular system
  • Decreases homocysteine production in the body
  • Helps normalize blood pressure
  • Enhances HDL production
  • Helps decrease LDL production
  • Decreases prostaglandin two production, while increasing prostaglandin-3 generation
  • Helps with angina and shortness of breath associated with advanced cardiovascular disease
  • Catalyzes oxygen transfer to cells and heart muscle
  • Appears to enhance the production of natural capillary bypass of arterial blockages to greatly increase recovery of major M.I. (myocardial infarction)
  • Beneficial complement with other treatment approaches such as: Sugery, Bypass, Angioplasy, and Stents


Ultra Absorbic-C (Oral)

Supplies non corn-derived ascorbic acid in an essential phospholipid delivery system. Essential phospholipds have shown the following cardiovascular benefits in human clinical trials:

  • numerous animal and human clinical studies (controlled against diet, double-blinded placebo controlled or open) showing substantial improvement in lowering of mean total serum cholesterol (12% to 25%)
  • significant decrease in of LDL (so called “bad cholesterol”) in clinical studies of 34% (Horsch AK et. al.)
  • significant increase in HDL (“good cholesterol”) was observed by 5 different researchers varying from 50% to 100% increase after 1 to 3 months treatment (Belousova SS et. al., Izumi H. et. al., Nakumura H. et. al., Stankovic D., and Thurnherr A.)
  • 37.7% reduction in serum triglycerides in Type II diabetics, a 12 month clinical trial against placebo (Andreis J.)
  • very substantial lowering of cardiovascular risk ratio (LDL/HDL)
  • 5.6 reduction to 3.7 in a double-blind trial (Kirsten,R)
  • 4.3 reduction to 2.8 in an 14 patient, 4-week open study (Goto, Y., Nakamura H.)
  • increased peripheral and brain circulation
  • decreases reactive platelet aggregation (60%) in patients with angina pectoris was reported in a 1984 study (Almazov G. V.A.)
  • significantly increases fluidity of red blood cell membranes
  • significant decrease in anginal attacks or in some instances an elimination of anginal attacks.
  • walking exercise tolerance increased as much as 900 % before angina pain or requiring nitroglycerin

Supplied oral with intravenous delivered “true” di-sodium EDTA to vascular system and brain.

  • remove calcium build-up in arteriosclerotic plaque and vascular system: use Electron Beam Tomography for monitoring (30 + vials)
  • decreases heavy metal build-up in coronary arteries and myocardium muscle, which can be a major cause of cardiovascular disease (Frustachi et al.)
  • dramatically decreases heavy metal build-up systemically (Dugi, D. and Takemoto, A)


Ideal Treatment Protocol


  • Detox Max Plus
  • Supplement Program and continue throughout full treatment protocol