Download this 2016 Price List as a PDF

Clear Light Sauna FIR (Premier IS-1)$3395.00 Plus ShippingElan Super LED Lights$3700.00-7500.00


Nutrition Consultation
Body Composition
Genetic Profile
Medical History Review
Body Typing
Iridology Assessment
CRA Test/SRT Therapy
Lab Testing Plan
Light Therapy
Special Health Regeneration Diet
Targeted Nutritional Wellness Plan
Rebounding Exercise and Protein Smoothie

New Patient:

2 Hours (Adults) $350.00
2 Hours (Children) $185.00
2.5 Hours w/ Body Composition & Guide Book $339.00
New Phone Consultation $350.00

Follow Up:

2nd Visit – 1 Hour $90.00
Children under 19 $70.00
Followup phone consultation $90.00

M.E.E.D Lab

Includes laser or Ryodoraku Electronic Acupressure) $95.00

Body Composition

w/ office visit $25.00

Wellness Exam Labs

Light or Laser Therapy $60.00
(8 for $420)
FIR Therapy w/Essential Oils $60.00
Body Composition – BMI $25.00
Ionic Mineral Test $40.00
Meed Lab Therapy $95.00
Comprehensive Hair Analysis $120.00
ASI-Adrenal Stress Index Lab $200.00
6 Panel Post-Hormone Lab $225.00
Estronex with bone resorbaton $300.00
Organix-energy / intestinal dysbiosis / detox /
neurotransmitter / oxidative
NeuroTransmitters/Adrenal Lab/Female Hormones $495.00
NeuroTransmitters/Adrenal Lab $300.00 – $465.00
Melisa heavy metal profile with expanded Mercury $450.00
Lymme iSpot with Western Blot $600.00
Lymme iSpot without WB $475.00
IGeneX Western Blot $300.00~$450.00
GI Effects-comprehensive stool analysis with gluten and
ALCAT 100 Foods Sensitivity Lab $370.00
Brendan Bioscience 132 Foods/Additives/Immune Lab $710.00
Iodine spot & load test (48hr urine) $150.00
Super Panel Blood Work-up: CMP14+LP+TP+TSH+7AC+CBC/D/P*Additions: Homocystine $140.00, Fasting Insulin $37.00
PSA $25.00, Vitamin D3 $35
Advanced Lipid VAT & Cardiometabolic Risk Panel $250.00
Genetic Testing/MTHFR (per panel) $150.00
Advanced Methylation Genetic Detox Panel $500.00
Micronutrient/Antioxidant Panel $450.00

Special Products

EDTA Max formally Lipo Flow (2 ounce bottle) ask about volume discounts $35.00

Massage Therapy (Structural Integration)

60 Minute $110.00
Private or Group Gourmet Food Prep Class
Includes 3 classes, food costs and demonstration of equipment.

Skin Care Therapy

Skin care consult: Free with $200.00 purchase
Dr. Hauschka and Syntrion Eira Skin Care Products

First Line Therapy

The FirstLine Therapy Metabolic Syndrome Program is a professionally supervised, personalized lifestyle modification plan to restore health and balance to the body. New Visit includes Body Composition Test and Therapeutic Lifestyle Education (specific diet, supplements, exercise and stress management) $150.00
Follow Up Visits: $90 includes body comp. If no body comp is needed, $25 can be applied to products.

Healing Retreat

3 day retreat $1500.00
1 week retreat $2000.00


Q-Link Pendent $99.00
Q – Link Ally $324.00
Bio-Modulator $999.00
Bio – Mat $750.00 – $1899.00
FIR Mat-Medium $275.00
Green Star Elite Juicer $450.00
Champion Juicers $239.00
Solo 2 Juicers $249.00
Vita-Mix Pro Commercial $499.00
Jump Sport Rebounders $299.00 – $649.00
Sota Ozone Generator $375.00 plus shipping
Jupiter Melody Water Filters $1495.00 – $3000.00
Big Berkey Water Filters $258.00
Clear Light Sauna FIR (Premier IS-1) $3395.00 Plus Shipping
Elan Super LED Lights $3700.00-$7500.00

Download this 2016 Price List as a PDF

Many other types of equipment and sizes available by request.

Our wellness store will try our best to match or beat any price on supplements or equipment.

We reserve the right to change prices as needed.