John Smothers is founder of the Integrative Wellness & Research Center; a Tennessee-based wellness center for all ages, promoting healthy lifestyle changes through targeted nutritional support. This wellness center is proactive in reducing bio markers, risk factors and supporting acute to degenerative health conditions through nutraceuticals, diet, exercise, and stress management. John Smothers’ current areas of focus are: optimizing body composition, intestinal barrier function, neurobiology, Lyme, modulating cellular immune response, and decreasing pro-inflammatory cytokines. He is well versed in the dynamics and multitudes of Alternative Medicine. John Smothers welcomes and is open to business opportunities to assist in expanding his scope of expertise.



  • Memphis Bible Institute, Certificate of Theology, 2003
  • Trinity College of Natural Health, Master Herbalist, 1999
  • Trinity College of Natural Health, Doctor of Naturopathy, 1997
  • University of Tennessee, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, 1987


Post Graduate Training


  • Integrative Approaches to Tick-Borne and Chronic Disease, California, 2011
  • Advanced Clinical Therapies for Women’s Health, Tennessee 2011
    Therapeutic Lifestyle and FLT Health Care Provider Certification, Florida, 2010
  • Neurobiology of Mood and Cognitive Disorders, Illinois, 2006
    Managing the Multiple Causes of Chronic Inflammation, Illinois, 2006
  • Enhancing the Quality of Human Lifespan in Anti-Aging Medicine, Illinois, 2005
  • Gourmet Raw Food Chief Training ,Tennessee, 2004
    Meridian Stress Assessment and Biological Terrain Assessment, Utah, 2000
  • Biochemical Individualism and Enzyme Therapy, Texas, 2000
  • Bioresonance Therapy Training, Mexico, 2001
  • Allergy and Pediatric Clinic Internship with medical doctor, Tennessee 2001-2003
  • Mind Body Wellness Center Internship with medical doctor, Tennessee 2000
  • Back to the Garden Health Ministries, Tennessee 1996
  • Personal Growth and Ministry Training, PGMT, 1994
  • Manufacturing Engineer Certification, Tennessee, 1987

John Smothers is also an author of three Health Regeneration Manuals which are step by step guides to help you restore your health :

Seven Days to Ultimate Health
The Healthy Alternative Weight Management Program
Natural solutions to ADD/ADHD