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Welcome! We are a wellness center integrating a holistic functional approach to provide state-of-the-art wellness care. Our approach requires we support the whole person and eliminate not only symptoms, but also the root cause of any health concerns. We are passionate about creating new positive health testimonies in our wellness center every day! We treat every client with the utmost care and respect and formulate a wellness plan designed specifically for them and their concerns. The nutriceuticals we use in our center are physician grade and prescriptive in other countries. These products have been subjected to extensive clinical testing in research centers, Universities, and thousands of healthcare practices worldwide. Our belief is that by utilizing the healing power of God through nature, together we can achieve the goal of helping your body function in harmony.

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Supercharge your health through juicing


There is no liquid on Earth so satisfying as fresh live juice drink. Not only is it delicious, but there is something far greater: the satisfaction and nourishment for the billions of cells that make up your body. When people take to the health cocktail habit, they are putting the plants’ liquid life into their bodies, to super­charge their health!

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Getting to know the owner

John Smothers

John Smothers is founder of the Integrative Wellness & Research Center; a Tennessee-based wellness center for all ages, promoting healthy lifestyle changes through targeted nutritional support.

This wellness center is proactive in reducing bio markers, risk factors and supporting acute to degenerative health conditions through nutraceuticals, diet, exercise, and stress management.

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