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According to Richard Ostfeld, disease expert specializing in ticks, stated that this summer is going to be the worst around the Appalachian Crest. Why does this matter? Ticks carry the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi which is responsible for creating Lyme disease in humans. Since Memphis is only a few hundred miles away from the epidemic, be covered! Covered in bug spray, not in ticks that are. Preferably bug spray that is natural and causing no additional harm like that from Badger’s Anti-BUG.

How do you tell what a particular Lyme tick looks like? The team at Integrative Wellness and Research Center Inc. out of Memphis, TN,, sells an amazing Tick Kit that can be taken on any camping trip, trail, or any fun in the sun adventure you choose. Order your Tick Kit.

The team at has the support needed for all things Lyme disease. John Smothers, preventative and Lyme disease aid specialist, at Integrative Wellness and Research Center Inc., is currently taking consults and will be able to handle any of your questions. Until then, you can take a self-assessment at:  The immediate symptoms of Lyme disease are usually fatigue, headache, rash, neck pain, muscle pain, joint pain, sleeplessness, fever, sweats, and chills. Sometimes the bite will leave a ring and sometimes it will not. A tick kit is essential to know what is in store for your health.

For more comprehensive details on the signs and symptoms of Lyme disease, see the infographic below.

During flu season, most of us choose to get a flu shot. So why not carry a tick-kit during Lyme disease season? Lyme may last a lifetime if not prevented or treated. Decide to get your kit today. The scariest feeling is the unknown. Avoid the freak-out by being able to use the lovely tweezers that come in the kit, put that bugger in the box and send it into the lab. Viola! No more crazy unknown.

If you or a loved one have become a victim of a tick bite and are feeling unwell, please call 901-763-7006 to set-up your appointment today at the Integrative Wellness and Research Center Inc to discuss any concerns or questions about Lyme disease. Web-based consultations are currently available.

By the way, did you know that our genetics play a vital role in the likelihood of contracting Lyme disease? Genetic testing is also available at Get tested and prevent Lyme from the start. The products available at may enhance your DNA and aid the immune response when a ticks attack. The best way to beat Lyme disease is to prevent it.

Remember these three words for Lyme disease prevention and awareness: TEST, COVER, and COLLECT. Test your genes. Cover clothes and skin in bug repellent ( Deet free does work!) and collect the tick in the kit.

Happy Trails!

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